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Can IVF Treatment be Possible with Blocked Fallopian Tube?

Can IVF Treatment be Possible with Blocked Fallopian Tube?


Blocked Fallopian tubes or Tubal occlusion is one vital cause of female infertility in the present situation. When someone is having blocked fallopian tubes or Fallopian tube infection, no symptoms are detected but there are several factors that can contribute a significant role in developing the condition.  You have many options to treat Infertility Issues but many people recommend Kishori IVF as one of the best IVF Treatment centers in Odisha equipped with an Ultra-modern Infrastructure &managed by a Super-Specialist Doctors Team.



Pregnancy is possible with Blocked Fallopian Tubes and  Kishori IVF is Experienced in handling such conditions. You can consult with a specialist doctor at any of your nearby centers in Bhubaneswar, Angul, or Bargarh. There is also a facility for many other infertility treatments like ICU, ICSI, Blastocyst Culture, Egg Donation, Laparoscopic Surgery, Embryo Donation, etc.



What is Fallopian Tube?

It is usually muscular tubes that are lined with fragile hair-like structures. The main purpose of these hairs helps to transfer the egg & sperm from the ovaries to the uterus. It is the location where most eggs get fertilized and plays a crucial role in conceiving.


Blocked Fallopian tube causes:

There are so many factors for a blocked fallopian tube. Some of the important reasons for blocked fallopian tubes are surgery or an infection, scar tissue, and pelvic adhesion.


Fallopian tube infection symptoms:

It does not show symptoms most often other than creating difficulty in conceiving. It takes place mainly during failure to conceive a pregnancy within one or more years of regular unsafe sexual intercourse (coitus).


Fallopian tube blockage symptoms:

A blocked fallopian tube may give rise to symptoms like- pain in the belly or pelvis. It happens frequently in females during the time of their period. Sometimes, the fallopian tube becomes the cause of ectopic pregnancy; it may create a situation where the fertilized egg gets stuck in a fallopian tube due to its blockage.


When the Fallopian tube causes ectopic pregnancy:

Sometimes Fallopian tubes become the reason for creating the situation of ectopic pregnancy,

Symptoms are discovered during a scan. Some minor symptoms like pelvic, pain on one side of the body, and light vaginal bleeding are usually signs of pregnancy shown in some women. 

 If women find out that she has such ectopic pregnancy should consult an expert immediately. Kishori IVF is one of the leading IVF centers in Odisha experienced in handling hundreds every month. The specialists remain available round the clock to provide regular as well as emergency health care support.


Effect of Fallopian tube blockage on Fertility?

The reproductive system of women is generally made up of ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes. If any one of these is affected it creates an obstacle for getting pregnant. A fallopian tube connects each of the two ovaries to the uterus. Deposited eggs in the ovaries are released haphazardly, with one ovary releasing an egg each month.

The right ovary might release an egg for 3 months in a chain, and then the left ovary might release an egg in the subsequent month. If one fallopian tube is blocked, still there is a possibility of pregnancy but if both the tubes are blocked then you need to Opt for IVF as a Treatment Option.


IVF as a Treatment Option:

IVF or In-Vitro- Fertilization is the procedure by which the problem of a Blocked Fallopian Tube can be resolved even if both fallopian tubes are blocked.

If the patient suffers from Hydrosalpinx or tubal blockage, IVF treatment permits the fertility expert to circumvent the fallopian tubes fully and insert

embryo(s) within the intended mother's uterus following fertilization with the intended father's (or donor's) sperm.

Throughout this IVF treatment, liveable eggs are recovered from a woman and then fertilized with sperm in a workshop setting; pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) is the method through which the intended parents can select to screen the embryos for standard and gender. When ready, some of the resulting embryos are shifted to a woman’s uterus.



Although the IVF success rate varies from person to person still it is a major development in the field of science and in many cases, women experience higher rates of success. When you talk about success rate, Kishori IVF is one of the best test tube baby centers in Odisha with a higher success rate.


If you have any queries related to Blocked Fallopian Tubes, IVF treatment, Cost of Blocked Fallopian tube treatment, Test tube babprocess, or about anything related to infertility, please feel free to reach one of the Fertility Experts at Kishori IVF.