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Things you should know about IVF treatment?

Things you should know about IVF treatment?


‍Changing lifestyles have made Male and female infertility the common issue today. This infertility has affected about one in eight couples. It has become one of the major topics in the present scenario. However, the development of IVF (In -Vitro-Fertilization) treatment and modern techniques have brought smiles to millions of couples who were trying to enjoy the joy of parenthood.


IVF treatment is the process that brings you one step closer to achieving your dream of parenthood. Moreover, the decision to opt for an IVF clinic is overwhelming and exciting. It helps you to accomplish your desired goals but there are a few things you should know before opting for this infertility treatment.


1. It is not a single-step process - it involves multiple steps: -


IVF treatment starts by stimulating a woman's ovaries via ovulation induction. The produced eggs are withdrawn and fertilized with the partner’s sperm. It is done either in a natural way or through ICSI. Healthy sperm cells are inserted into each egg in the ICSI treatment method and the resultant embryos are shifted back to the woman's ovary within 3 to 5 days. 


2. It is a time-consuming process 


IVF treatment process is quite long. For comprehensive treatment, it takes around 4-5 weeks. During the initial 10 to 12 days, fertility medications begin to stimulate the ovaries to generate multiple eggs. During that period, you have to go for check-ups like ultrasound, bloodworm, etc. After this procedure, the fertility specialist removes the eggs from the ovaries and combines them with your partner’s sperm in a laboratory. After three to five days the recovered eggs are placed back into your uterus. After two weeks, the specialist conducts a pregnancy blood test to check the success of the IVF treatment.


3. Possibility of multiple pregnancies: -

It is widely believed that sometimes fertility treatment can result in multiple pregnancies. It occurs when more than one embryo is shifted to the uterus. To strike balance between a successful IVF treatment and minimum gestation period risks, you must discuss the matter with your fertility expert. That’s why we recommend you to talk to a fertility specialist in Kishori IVF having years of expertise in handling such cases.


4. Age matters: -

Regarding fertility treatment, the younger age increased the chances of successful treatment. It becomes much more difficult to conceive a baby after 45 and reduced the chance of treatment success. It is because a woman's fertility chances fall after 35, both in the number and quality of her eggs. Likewise, a man's sperm quality also declines with age. If you are thinking of IVF treatment it is better to do it earlier.

Opting Right Doctor and Right Clinic is Important, That’s the reason why all the specialists at Kishori IVF are openly discuss everything with 100% clarity.


5. May need more than one cycle for treatment:-

The success rates of IVF are not guaranteed, patients have to undergo numerous treatments for a successful pregnancy. With the emergence of modern techniques and procedures, success rates are persistently increasing. It helps you to get ready for the multiple treatments mentally. When you’re looking for a clinic of higher success Rate, Kishori IVF Comes First in this Segment. That’s the reason many people recommend us as a Leading IVF & Test Tube Baby Center in Odisha.



6. Risks involved:

There’s Risk but We can Help You Out!


There are some risks involved in this treatment. However, It differs from couple to couple, depending upon the Physical and mental health of the patient. Consult your fertility specialist to determine the risks involved and take a decision accordingly.


Conclusion: -


However, achieving successful pregnancy via IVF is possible and many parents are enjoying the Joy. With the help of additional techniques like Embryoscope, PGD, and PGS the success rate is more optimized nowadays. When you are talking about Most Advanced Centre, Kishori IVF comes first in this scenario.

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